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Exploring Salon Styles: Big-Box vs. Boutique – Pros and Cons

February 5, 2024 in Industry FAQs

The beauty industry, valued at a staggering $579.22 Billion globally, remains resilient even in economic downturns. With an abundance of salons saturating the market, individuals now have an extensive array of choices. As a seasoned industry professional and consumer for over a decade, I delve into the comparison between two prevalent salon styles – Big-box and Boutique – highlighting their respective advantages and drawbacks.

One vs. Many

Big-box salons often have specialists in specific areas, allowing clients to interact with multiple stylists during a single appointment. In contrast, Boutique salons provide a more personalized experience with a single stylist handling the entire service. Many boutique salons in Upstate, NY avoid double-booking, ensuring exclusive attention and fostering deeper connections between stylist and client.

The Vibe

The atmosphere in Big-box and Boutique salons varies significantly. Big-box establishments are characterized by a bustling and energetic environment, often with a hierarchical management structure. In contrast, Boutique salons emanate a more laid-back, homely vibe. Having worked in both settings, I’ve found Big-box salons to be high-stress environments with less work/life balance, while Boutique salons, typically smaller and familial, offer a more balanced and camaraderie-driven atmosphere.

What do we offer at Blush?

At Blush Beauty Bar, we aim to provide a unique and personalized experience reminiscent of smaller, soulful destinations. Our salon is crafted to be a haven of care, beauty, and warmth, fostering a sense of home and love. Unlike the overwhelming pace of larger establishments, we prioritize a more relaxed and passionate environment. Our team, akin to a family, ensures a strong work/life balance, making every client feel uplifted and cherished, no matter the challenges they face. Expect a warm greeting, along with a selection of beverages, as you step into Blush Beauty Bar – your sanctuary for peace and positive energy.

Get Ready for Spring with This Glowing Makeup Tutorial

April 9, 2019 in Blush Beauty

When the cold, darkness of Winter starts to become a distant memory, your wardrobe and makeup are the first to Spring up. That means trading your cozy black sweaters and smoky eyes for electric pops of pink, flecks of gold, and glowing skin.

Kickstart your Spring makeup look with this glowing makeup tutorial, featuring some of my favorite products from Inglot Cosmetics.

As you see in the video, before applying any makeup to my face, I prepare my skin with a Rose Gold Refining Mask from Native Nectar followed by the Native Nectar Toning Mist and Earth Vibes Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in your skin and promotes moisture while lifting, firming, and retexturizing your skin. On top of all that, I add the Inglot Lab Ultimate Day Protection Cream. The Ultimate Day Protection protects against excessive moisture loss and environmental stress with a combination of premium ingredients. Read more about this product here.

Once my skin is prepped, I start with concealer on my eyelids. For this look, I use Inglot’s All-Covered Concealer in #12. This concealer covers dark circles, discolorations, and imperfections under eyes, providing a natural, flawless skin effect.

 Available in 8 shades here! Then, I set that with the Inglot HD Sculpting Powder. This is the perfect product to contour and sculpt your face, enhancing only the best features and diverting attention from any imperfections. I use #503 for my skin.

Onto eyeshadow! I begin this look with Inglot’s Freedom System Eyeshadow in Matte #285, applied to the crease. I love this product– the oil-free formula provides an ideal matte finish and intense color. Remember, you are building your eye look, so this color does not need to be extremely visable. Start out soft. I then add Eyeshadow #335, a deeper shade of the same product, to the crease again. When trying this at home, pay attention to blend the two shades together and smooth out where the shadow meets bare skin.

Next, I take the Inglot Aquastic Cream Eyeshadow in #16 and apply it to the lid. This product is a water-based cream eye shadow with a shine. Even a minimal amount provides strong, shimmering coverage. The best part? It’s crease and smudge-proof! View all 9 colors here. After application, lightly blend into first two colors. Using a standard crease brush, I finish with a darker matte color, #299 in the outer corners.

Using the Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in #77, I apply a straight line along my lash line– no wing. The creamy and delicate formula of this gel dries to a long-lasting, smudge proof, and crease proof finish. And it’s waterproof! If necessary, clean up any excess shadow or liner with a makeup wipe.

Once my eyes are finished, I apply the Inglot All-Covered Foundation to my full face using a brush. This formula is lightweight and carefully corrects visible imperfections while evening out skin tone. It even lifts, smooths, and moisturizes skin while it covers. I use shade #11 for my fair skin. Then, I grab that same All-Covered Concealer and apply it under my eyes, on my chin, and around my nostrils and dab to blend. Again, I set under my eyes with the HD Sculpting Powder.

Here comes the glow! I grab my AMC Bronzing Powder in #74 and a bronzer brush and apply near my hairline and below my cheekbones. Then, I add Freedom System Face Blush in #29 on the apples of my cheeks and up my cheekbones toward my hairline. Both of these products provide rich, buildable color. I finish off with Inglot Sparkling Dust in 01. This frosted loose powder is highly pigmented and can provide a glow to any part of the body. I use it here on my cheekbones using the Inglot Makeup Fixer for application. The makeup fixer is a handy alcohol and paraben free light mist that will ensure long-lasting makeup. Apply directly on makeup.

I always add to my look by applying eyeshadow under my eyes to really help them pop. (Note the difference at 6:29 in the video!) Then, I round out my glow with the Freedom System Eyeshadow in Matte #35 just below my eyebrows on the brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye. I shape and fill out my brows with the Inglot Brow Shaping Mascara. This is a tiny, convenient brush that will comb the brows and fill them in an instant. Since I prefer to lengthen my eyebrows as well, I add the AMC Brow Liner Gel as well. This waterproof liner comes in a wide color range and offers a color match for every type of beauty.

Throughout the video, I am wearing the Inglot High Gloss Lip Oil to keep my lips moisturized. It is enriched with oils from alpine apple seeds, cherry kernel, apricot kernel, argan, and jojoba and includes shea butter, and vitamin E. I take that off and apply the Inglot Colour Play Lipliner #325 to the outer line of my lips and fill in with the Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Gloss in #101.

I finish off my eyes with the Inglot Khol Pencil in #05 to brighten along my water line. This is a soft and supple liner that’s made for easy blending and smudging. This pencil quickly sets to a waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof finish. Since I have lash extensions on my top eyelashes, I don’t add mascara to them, but I do add mascara to my bottom lashes.

The last step to any look is setting spray. I spray directly onto my face with eyes and lips closed about 8-12 inches from myself. And voila! There you have a warm, glowing look perfect for this time of year.

Get this look at home! All of these products are available for purchase through Blush Beauty Bar. Click here to head to our shop.

3 Wearable Spring 2019 Makeup Trends

March 29, 2019 in Uncategorized

There are several trends that will make their appearance this Spring/Summer, many of which combine BOLD elements with the ultra-natural.  Fashion Week debuted bright colors along with natural, glowing, “I just came from the facialist” skin, paired with nude, un-glossed lips.

All of these looks prove that bold “Instagram” brows are a thing of the past (thank GOD), and we are moving back to the idea that natural, full brows (and seeing that actual brow hair exists) is the way to go.  Since we all know that Fashion Week makeup looks are not always the most wearable thing ever, we decided to show you how you can create some of the Spring 2019 runway looks and confidently show your face in public!

1. Statement Eyeliner

Pair a bold, cutting eyeliner with clean skin with a strong contour and nude (but lightly moisturized) lips!

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2. Bridgette Bardot-esque

Smouldering, fully lined eyes with a coppery, gold-toned lid take center-stage, paired with nude lightly glossed lips and a peachy pop of blush!

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3. Foil Lips

Pretty much bare besides the highly pigmented (yet neutral in color), iridescent lips!

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