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Things you didn’t know could be damaging your hair!

February 5, 2024 in Hair Tips and Tricks

-Too much heat

-As the beauty industry has been expanding like crazy on social media platforms, many of us are aware that too much heat can cause damage to your hair.  But the real question is why, and how do we prevent this?


 -Exposure to temperatures over 300°F actually changes the appearance of the main protein in your hair, Keratin.  As this protein changes, it leads to weaker hair that is more prone to breakage.

-How to prevent it?

-Of course most of us hair enthusiasts like a nice blowout followed by either a straightener or curling iron however, it is good to give your hair a break from any type of heat every now and again.  Whenever possible, try to let your hair air-dry as part of a healthy hair routine.

-Perhaps the most important way to protect your hair from heat damage, is by using products that contain a heat protectant.  High quality heat protectants typically contain ingredients that maintain moisture and contain natural hair proteins and oils which protect the outer layer of your hair, preventing damage.  At Blush Beauty Bar, our stylists favorite heat protectant is Alfaparf Milano Style Stories Thermal Protector.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it is also one of the best thermal protectants I have ever used!

-Wearing your hair in tight hairstyles too often

-The more you are pulling your hair tightly back in a ponytail, braid, or any other style, the more pressure you are putting on your hair.  Think about a rope hanging from the ceiling with a bowling ball attached at the bottom constantly putting tension on the rope.  Eventually, the rope is going to start to fray.  It is the same concept with a strand of hair.  Of course, having your hair in a ponytail or braid every now and then will not create hair loss or damage within itself, it is best to avoid these types of styles for days at a time and to give your hair time to flow in its natural state.

-When you do put your hair in a ponytail or are using any kind of hair tie on a regular basis, the type of hair tie you use is important!  You want to use something made from a softer material such as polyester, microfiber or silk to further reduce tension and breakage. 


-Of course some of us toss and turn more than others but either way, when we sleep we tend to rub our head (and therefore our hair) against the pillow case.

-Some of the best recommendations for preventing this are using either a silk pillow case or a silk bonnet.  The reason there is so much mention of silk is because unlike other materials silk will not snag or tangle your hair, while also reducing frizz.

-Shampooing technique


-Overly clean hair DOES NOT mean overly healthy hair.  Of course, no one likes to feel like their hair is oily but a certain amount of oil in our hair is a natural part of keeping it healthy.  When we shampoo our hair, we want to focus the shampoo on the scalp and roots of the hair and let the rest of the product wash through the ends.  This way, we are not stripping our hair of all of the natural oils it needs to remain its healthiest self!