Recently, several clients have had curiosity on pre-appointment hair etiquette.  To wash or not to wash…that is the question!  Here’s the breakdown:

Firstly, a reminder: always heed your stylist’s advice, as they know your hair best.  Individual preferences may vary from stylist to stylist so make sure you listen to your trusted stylist as someone who knows your hair best!

For a haircut appointment, washing isn’t necessary unless your hair is heavily laden with products like dry shampoo or texture spray, making it difficult to brush out. In such cases, pre-washing can ease the process for your stylist.

To avoid confusion: for haircut-only appointments, skipping the pre-wash is okay. Your stylist may prefer cutting your hair dry or washing it themselves. And no, showing up with wet hair won’t lower the service price!

However, when it comes to coloring, arriving with clean, dry hair is ideal. This prepares the hair to fully absorb the color without any barriers like dry shampoo or oils. Think of it as painting on a clean canvas versus one covered in dust—it’s about achieving the purest result!  If your hair is extra dirty, using a clarifying shampoo such as Milk Shake Deep Cleansing Shampoo prior to your appointment can be beneficial, as it removes any product buildup on the hair.

So, if possible, wash your hair prior to coloring, even the night before. This sets both your stylist and the color up for success. But if washing isn’t feasible, your stylist will know whether to prep your hair or proceed directly with the color application.

For updos, arriving with dry, day-old hair is key. Slightly dirty hair offers texture that helps curls hold better and adds volume to the updo. It’s all about achieving that perfect balance for a stunning hairstyle!

If you have any questions prior to your appointment at Blush Beauty Bar, do not hesitate to reach out and we will advise you on what to do prior to your appointment.