As the warmer weather in Rochester is approaching and the sun heats up, so do the challenges of keeping your hair healthy and hydrated! Just like your skin, your hair can suffer from the effects of UV rays, chlorine, and excessive heat styling. Milkshake has you covered with their innovative formulas designed to protect, nourish, and revitalize your hair.

Milkshake Sun & More All Over Shampoo

Say goodbye to dry, sun-damaged hair and skin with Milkshake’s Sun & More All Over Shampoo. This versatile ‘two-in-one’ formula cleanses and soothes both hair and body, making it ideal for post-swim refreshment or year-round use. Enriched with a UV filter, vitamin E, and natural ingredients, it leaves your skin soft and your hair protected from the damaging effects of the sun, sea, and pool chemicals. Perfect for those on the go who need practical yet effective care.

Milkshake Sun & More Beauty Mask

Revitalize your hair with Milkshake’s Sun & More Beauty Mask, an intensive nourishing treatment designed to combat the effects of sun, salt, wind, and chlorine. This deep-conditioning mask is enriched with conditioning ingredients, natural extracts, UV filters, and vitamin E, leaving your hair soft, radiant, and manageable after just one use. Say hello to restored vitality and goodbye to dry, damaged locks.

Milkshake Incredible Milk Sun Edition

For all your summer hair care needs, look no further than Milkshake’s Incredible Milk Sun Edition. This leave-in treatment offers 12 cosmetic benefits in one convenient spray, including UV protection to shield your hair from the sun’s rays. From repairing all hair types to taming frizz, preventing split ends, and enhancing shine, this multitasking wonder ensures your hair stays healthy, vibrant, and protected throughout the summer months. Plus, its no-rinse formula makes it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups whenever you need them.


With Milkshake’s summer hair care essentials, you can embrace the season with confidence, knowing your hair is getting the care and protection it deserves. So go ahead, soak up the sun and let your hair shine bright all summer long.