Balayage and Highlights are two popular hair lightening techniques, each with its own unique application, maintenance, time commitment, and cost.


Application:  Involves hand painting bleach onto the hair, typically on the top layer, for a blended and seamless look. While traditionally done without foils, variations like foilayage incorporate foils for similar effects.

Maintenance: Due to its natural appearance and gradual root growth, Balayage is low maintenance, with some clients going up to 6 months between appointments.

Time: The timing varies based on hair length, density, and desired brightness, typically taking 2.5 to 4 hours. It often involves toning, but not always!

Cost: Ranges from $150 to $300 depending on factors like location, stylist experience, and technique.  At Blush Beauty Bar, our Balayage cost ranges from $180-$225 without including a cut or toner!

Full Highlight 

Application: Bleach is applied to sections of the hair and enclosed in foils for maximum lift. It aims for an all-over blonde look, with trends favoring subtle, blended highlights.

Maintenance: Similar to Balayage, maintenance depends on root growth, with a toner often applied post-highlighting for warmth or coolness.  In a Highlight service, the lightener is typically brought up as close to the scalp as possible, which does require more maintenance.

Time: Timing is comparable to Balayage, ranging from 2.5 to 4 hours depending on hair specifics and desired outcome.

Cost: Typically falls between $100 and $250, influenced by factors like salon location, stylist expertise, and hair length.  At,Blush Beauty Bar our Balayage cost ranges from $180-$225 without including a cut or toner!

Partial Highlight

Partial highlights are a great option for those looking to add dimension to their hair without committing to a full highlight. This technique focuses on applying bleach to specific sections of the hair, usually around the face and crown, to create a natural, sun-kissed look.

Application: Similar to full highlights, bleach is applied to selected sections of the hair and then enclosed in foil for maximum lift. The goal is to create contrast and brightness in certain areas while leaving other parts of the hair untouched for depth and dimension.

Time: Since partial highlights only target specific sections of the hair, the timing is typically shorter than full highlights or balayage. Depending on the desired outcome and hair type, partial highlights can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Cost: Partial highlights generally cost less than full highlights or balayage since they require less product and time. Prices can vary depending on salon location, stylist expertise, and hair length, but typically range from $80 to $180. At Blush Beauty Bar, our partial highlights range from $90 to $130, excluding additional services like a cut or toner.