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Choose from one of our five looks or design your own. Application takes 45 minutes. This option includes foundation, powder, blush, concealer, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip color.

Nearly Naked

Fresh. Lightweight. Natural


Warm. Healthy. Glow

Smoke Show

Sultry. Sexy. Statement

Makeup Addict

Trendy. Edgy. Dramatic


Polished. Pretty. Timeless


Please note that airbrush foundation is best suitable for certain skin types. Our makeup artists will consult before recommending airbrush foundation.


Mini Applications



The quick fix makeup application is a great option if you are crunched for time but want to look your best - leave it to our experts to transform you in 20 minutes. Includes sheer coverage (tinted moisturizer), powder, blush, light concealer, lip color, brow fill-in and mascara (eye makeup not included. Not suggested for problem skin and those who like more coverage).


Want to skip the foundation, powder, blush and lipstick and let your eyes take center stage? Sure, we can do that for you! Application takes 20-25 minutes and includes concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.


Strong hold glue, cluster lash


Hot Tools Blowout - $45

Choose from one of our five looks or design your own! 1 hour and 15 minutes

Perfectly Polished

Smooth. Sleek. Straight

Woke up like this

Natural. Effortless. Casual

Tousled Beauty

Textured. Beachy. Wavy

Hey Hollywood

Starlett. Classic. Glamour


Volume. Curls. Sexy

Hair Fix - $20

Arrive with clean, dry hair and get a quick style fix for your hair. 30 minutes

Updo - $75

1 hour

Braid - $15

Hair TLC - Keratin Treatment - $200

A personalized treatment that uses Juvexin, an anti-aging protein, that restores and repairs the hair while conditioning and smoothing.

Cut & Finish - $50

Retouch Color - $45

Color coverageof new hair growthor “root”.*Time included for a cut and/or blowout.

Full Color - $70

Colorcoveragefrom“roots” through the ends of the hair.*Time included for a cut and/or blowout.

Extra Color - $10

*Per Bowl for Length and/or Thickness

Partial Highlights - $65

Highlights in foil placed above the ears. *Time included for a cut and/or blowout.

Full Highlight - $85

Highlights in foil placed throughout the whole head. *Time included for a cut and/or blowout.

Balayage - $85

*Please specify when making an appointment if you would like Balayage Color. Balayage is a specialized, hand-painted technique of highlighting the hair. This ranges from sun-kissed pieces to ombre. *Time included for a cut and blowout.

Toner - $25

A demi-permanent color used for grey-blending, changing the tone of the hair or to richen and deepen current color.

Conditioning Treatment Add On - $25

A personalized treatment to temporarily restore and repair the hair; leaving your hair shiny and moisturized.

Clip-In Extension Application - $15

Bring in your clip-in extensions and we’ll put them in for you. Add on a Hair Fix and we’ll style your hair for you too!

Babe I-Tip and Tape-In Extensions

*By Consultation Only
$100.00/hr+ for Initial Application
$150.00/hr+ for Removal and Re-Application

Corrective or Creative Color

*By Consultation Only

Consultation- Complimentary

Can be used for any service but is REQUIRED for Color Corrections, Creative Color, first time Keratin Treatments and Extensions

*Disclaimer: All Prices are Subject to Change

One-on-one Makeup Lessons

One-on-one - 1.5 hr - $150

Guided one-on-one makeup lesson based on your lifestyle, covering skin care & prep, and proper use of tools.Throughout the lesson our professional Makeup Artists will provide you with personalized product recommendations.Receive 10% off your product purchase day of appointment only!


NATURAL - $175

DOLL FACE - $225

FILLS - 1-10 days - $35

FILLS - 2 weeks - $50

FILLS - 3 weeks - $65

FILLS - 4 weeks - $85


Lash Lift - $75

Dramatically curls natural eyelashes making them appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions! Lasts 6-8 weeks with no aftercare!



LIP WAX - $15

CHIN WAX - $15

BIKINI - 25 MIN - $35

All hair outside the bikini line

BROW REHAB - 20 MIN - $35

Great for an initial appointment for someone looking to find their correct shape and brow product recommendations.

CHEST - 35 MIN - $45

From neck to underwear line


All hair outside the bikini line and 1" inside bikini line

FEET - 10 MIN - $10

FULL ARMS - 30 MIN - $40

Both arms from shoulders to fingers

FULL BACK - 45 MIN - $50

From Neck to underwear line

FULL FACE - 30 MIN - $45

FULL LEG WITH BIKINI - 1 H and 15 MIN - $90

Both legs from hips to toes and classic biki

FULL LEGS - 1H - $65

Both legs from hips to toes

HALF ARMS - 20 MIN - $20

Both arms from shoulders to elbows, or elbows to fingers

HALF LEGS - 45 MIN - $35

Both legs from either hips to knees or knees to toes.

LOWER BACK - 20 MIN - $20

All hair from bra line to to underwear line(back).

STOMACH - 20 MIN - $20

All hair from bra line to underwear line

UNDERARM - 20 MIN - $20

Both underarms




Cleanse, exfoliate, and treat yourself with the charcoal cardamom masque, serum and moisturizer. Activated Charcoal is known for its abilities to draw out toxins, bacteria, chemicals, and dirt from the skin, helping achieve flawless complexion and fight acne. Cardamom has powerful antioxidants that promote youth, effective in fighting fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles.

Coco Soothie

Cleanse, exfoliate, and treat yourself with the coconut rose masque, serum and moisturizer. Organic Coconut Milk is rich in vitamin C and is amazing for nourishing the skin, firming the skin, and preventing acne. Rose Kaolin Clay is a versatile clay that is great for all skin types--including sensitive skin! It is a soothing ingredient that reduces both inflammation and irritation.

Youth Boost

Cleanse, exfoliate, and treat yourself with the matcha mint masque, serum and moisturizer. Bentonite Clay is a traditional healing clay that removes toxins and impurities that are deeply rooted into the skin. Organic Matcha Powder is packed with antioxidants, which will stop and reverse the signs of aging, renew skin with poor upkeep, and soothe acne-irritated skin.